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Everyone thinks their home is the perfect place to live, and in our case, it’s really true! Let us share some information about “Our Island, Our Home”. Seabrook Island is an unspoiled island paradise framed by wide, uncrowded beaches and pristine dunes along the South Carolina coast.

  • History

    • Seabrook Island enjoys a varied history. Originally inhabited by Native Americans and eventually discovered by English settlers, it was first known as Jones Island where indigo and rice were the first cash crops. In 1753, the island was renamed Simmons Island by new owner Ebenezer Simmons whose grandson cultivated the next source of revenue, cotton. In 1816, another owner, William Seabrook, rechristened the property with his name. Ownership changed several more times, and, along the way, the Episcopal Dioceses of South Carolina established the Camp St. Christopher Barrier Island Environmental Educational Center on Seabrook.

  • Location

    • Just 23 miles south of historic Charleston on the South Carolina coast.

  • Size

    • 2,200 acres of lush maritime forest, serene salt marshes and unspoiled beach.

  • Beach
    • Seabrook Island enjoys 3.5 miles of pristine beaches on the Atlantic Ocean and North Edisto River.

  • Vegetation

    • Seabrook Island is a heavily forested island dominated by majestic oaks, palm trees, live oaks, loblolly pines, hickories, magnolias and sweetgum trees. Much care is taken to preserve our beautiful trees.

  • Birds

    • The golf courses on Seabrook Island are designated as a “Fully Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary”. Over 80 species, including many threatened and endangered birds, have been sighted on the island.

  • Wildlife

    • Seabrook Island is home to a variety of mammals including raccoons, grey squirrels, marsh rabbits, red fox, otters and whitetail deer. More than 30 species of reptiles can be found including tree frogs, turtles and alligators. Dolphins are regularly seen swimming along the shore, bringing delight to young and old.

  • Property Owners Association

    • The Seabrook Island Property Owners Association is responsible for maintaining our quality of life for years to come through covenants and architectural guidelines. The POA handles numerous functions such as island security, road maintenance, landscaping, and protecting our beach and environment.

  • Island Life

    • Our residents enjoy a plethora of activities such as Book Clubs, Bridge (party, duplicate, couples and tournament), the Exchange Club (a service club with nearby Kiawah Island), garden plots, the Johns Island Regional Library, Green Space Conservancy, The Natural History Group (with regular meetings and day trips to explore wild and natural resources as well as nearby culture and history), and the Turtle Patrol (to protect the Loggerhead Turtles that nest on Seabrook beaches).

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